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The Best Firefox Extensions Everyone Should Use

Lifehacker: “If you use Firefox, you can make it a better browser by installing add-ons. Yes, that’s what Mozilla calls them—they’re talking about what everyone else knows as “extensions.” Whatever you call them, there are good ones out there that can help you do everything from improving your privacy to getting around restrictions you’ll encounter across the internet.  A note: Though there are hundreds good add-ons, be wary of installing too many at once. Going overboard could actually compromise your privacy and slow down your browser. Although we’re recommending useful add-ons here, always check which permissions these extensions request before you install them. Some of these add-ons request access to all the websites you visit. While this permission is necessary for them to function, it’s also a sign if the developers go rogue, your private data could be exposed. When installing these sorts of features, you always face a trade-off between privacy and convenience, so think about how useful any add-on will bo for you before you install it…”

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