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Surgo Ventures Projects U.S. Will Only Achieve 58% Vaccine Coverage a Year from Now

“Surgo Ventures Projects U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Rates will Plateau in Late April—Before We Reach Herd Immunity. Projections Show Vaccine Uptake Will Move Much Slower after April: Without Working Harder to Convince Vaccine Holdouts, We Will Only Achieve 58% Vaccine Coverage a Year from Now. April 8, 2021 — Today Surgo Ventures released the results of its second survey of U.S. adults, which found that enthusiasm for the COVID-19 vaccine is generally high, with 59% of the population now saying they have already been vaccinated or want to be as soon as a vaccine is made available to them. This proportion of vaccinated and vaccine enthusiastic adults increased from 40% in Surgo’s first survey, conducted in early January.However, an additional analysis Surgo conducted based on survey respondents’ preferred timelines for getting vaccinated (e.g., “as soon as it’s available,” “in three months,” “in a year,” “don’t know” and “would not get vaccinated”) and current U.S. vaccination rates suggests that the supply-demand shift for the vaccine will happen earlier than expected—as early as the end of April—and before the nation reaches the 70-90% threshold for achieving herd immunity…”

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