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Subak launches ‘Google of climate data’ portal

British Business Focus: “Global tech accelerator Subak today launches the Data Catalogue – a curated online portal connecting shared climate datasets around the world to accelerate climate impact. An extension of Subak’s core ethos of sharing data to accelerate climate impact, the Data Catalogue has been built to make climate data reliable and accessible for academics, analysts, policymakers and corporations working to identify climate risks and opportunities, and measure decarbonisation efforts.  The platform curates and connects datasets across a range of sectors including electric cars, green energy, agriculture and deforestation and heat decarbonisation.  While other databases already exist in specific sectors such as energy and policy, Subak’s catalogue is the most comprehensive and accurate growing collection of climate-related data. Datasets are regularly reviewed to assess data freshness, dead links are removed and displays show how the data has been used previously.  The Data Catalogue currently comprises more than 2,300 shared datasets from the analysts, researchers and engineers in Subak’s Data Cooperative (a growing community of organisations and individuals who share data and tools to tackle climate change), as well as public datasets harvested from the likes of the UK’s National Grid.  Jake Verma, Subak’s Data Cooperative Manager, said: “We want to build the Google of climate data, so that all organisations and individuals, large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit, will be able to find the climate data they want quickly and efficiently…”

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