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States are redrawing every congressional district in the U.S. Here is where we stand.

Politico: “What is redistricting, and why does it matter? Every 10 years, each state redraws its political lines. These processes take months to unfold in state capitals all around the country — and their results mold the balance of power in Congress for a decade. Our analysis uses local voting tallies and Census data to decode what these new lines mean. We’ll update this report as states approve new maps — and for up-to-the-minute redistricting news, be sure to subscribe to Weekly Score. Using 2020 presidential election data, we’re taking individual voting precincts and stacking them together to rebuild each state’s congressional districts, both old and new. This allows us to get a sense of each locale’s partisan lean — and how new districts would have voted if they had existed in 2020…”

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