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Sorry, But LinkedIn Is Cool Now

Bloomberg [read free link] – “The biggest social media platforms all have their niches. Twitter is for arguing with strangers. Instagram is for showing off the best of your 500 selfies. Facebook is for learning too much about an acquaintance from college. And LinkedIn is for updating the obligatory professional profile when you’re looking for a job, then receiving constant emails prompting you to congratulate someone on their “work anniversary.” Or at least that’s how it used to be. As other networks stagnate, shift their algorithms or burn themselves to the ground, LinkedIn is becoming a site where regular people actually want to hang out and post their thoughts. It might even be cool…Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t dramatically tweak its algorithm when new products go live. “We’re totally agnostic about what media form people share,” says Dan Roth, the site’s editor-in-chief. And while Meta and X distance themselves from the news industry, downplaying article links, LinkedIn is beefing up its curation efforts and partnerships with content creators and publishers. The company says users like seeing “knowledge-based” content and, as a result, are more satisfied; in June the site saw an 80% reduction from a year earlier in the number of people who said they wished they were seeing different posts…”

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