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Six Ways for Election Officials to Prepare for High Voter Turnout in 2020

The Brennan Center for Justice – From early voting to streamlined registration, there are clear steps that will help shorten lines on Election Day. “We are now less than one year away from Election Day 2020, and Americans are projected to turn out at levels not reached since the early 20th century. Voter turnout has been steadily on the rise since the 2014 election. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, voter turnout in 2018 increased among all major racial, ethnic, and voting age groups. The turnout rate in 2018 — 53 percent — was the highest in over four decades. Just this month, voter turnout in Kentucky outpaced turnout in the state’s 2015 gubernatorial election at a considerable rate, even surpassing forecasts made by the Kentucky secretary of state’s office days before the election. Experts may disagree about the exact level of expected turnout in 2020, but some estimates suggest as many as two-thirds of all eligible voters may cast a ballot, which would be the highest presidential turnout rate in more than one hundred years…”

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