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Security and Privacy Tips for People Seeking An Abortion

EFF: “Given the shifting state of the law, people seeking an abortion, or any kind of reproductive healthcare that might end with the termination of a pregnancy, may need to pay close attention to their digital privacy and security. We’ve previously covered how those involved in the abortion access movement can keep themselves and their communities safe. We’ve also laid out a principled guide for platforms to respect user privacy and rights to bodily autonomy. This post is a guide specifically for anyone seeking an abortion and worried about their digital privacy. There is a lot of crossover with the tips outlined in the previously mentioned guides; many tips bear repeating. We are not yet sure how companies may respond to law enforcement requests for any abortion related data, and you may not have much control over their choices.  But you can do a lot to control who you are giving your information to, what kind of data they get, and how it might be connected to the rest of your digital life…”

  • See also the Washington Post: “Seeking an abortion? Here’s how to avoid leaving a digital trail. Everything you should do to keep your information safe, from incognito browsing to turning off location tracking.”
  • See also Protocol: “Your data is worth more than your life to tech companies. Tech companies have created employee reimbursement programs, but they have been silent on whether they’ll protect users’ data that could put them at risk of prosecution.”

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