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Sea Change: How a New Economics Went Mainstream

Roosevelt Institute, Sea Change: How a New Economics Went Mainstream – By Felicia Wong, Suzanne Kahn, Mike Konczal, Matt Hughes. November 16, 2023

In this report, we seek to offer an analysis of the people, institutions, and history that brought us to this moment in economic policymaking. From the Green New Deal, to the American Rescue Plan, we look at key economic moments and what has been accomplished and what remains to be done if we are to see a sustained transition toward more progressive economic governance….When the Biden administration began its Bidenomics tour in the summer of 2023 (Viser and Wootson Jr.), it defined its economic framework with three pillars: empower and educate workers, invest in America, and promote competitive markets (The White House Press Briefing Room 2023b). The framework is a useful one. The three elements together focus on the core real-world legislative and regulatory achievements in the first years of the Biden presidency. Nevertheless, as we will explore below, without a robust commitment to democratic governance structures, these pillars will be insufficient to move us toward a truly progressive, post-neoliberal economy. In the following sections, we explore each pillar, drawing on Roosevelt research and analysis to tell the story of progress, in progress…”

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