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Remember Zoom-bombing? This is how Zoom tamed meeting intrusions

Washington Post – Zoom made its product more annoying to use to make you safer. And we wised up, too. “…Fast forward to 2023 — Zoom-bombing still happens but security experts say it is far less prevalent than it was in 2020. That’s not only because we’re interacting more in person. Zoom helped tame Zoom-bombing partly by making its product more difficult for you (and for online harassers) to use. Essentially, the company traded some of your convenience for your safety. I have tips at the end of this article for how you can further beef up your protections from Zoom-bombing. But the point is, you probably don’t have to. The company did a lot of the protection for you. There is a lesson here. The success of reducing Zoom-bombing shows how the zeal to make technology a breeze comes with trade-offs. And with more of you concerned about security of your digital accounts, nagging robocalls or bullying of children online, the taming of Zoom-bombing is proof that you shouldn’t accept horrible downsides as the price of being connected…”

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