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Reddit Has Hidden Search Tools

Lifehacker – Reddit’s search might be terrible, but you can make it better. “Reddit is an invaluable internet community, but when it comes to search, it’s far from perfect. This network of communities is full of useful information, on-point memes, and interesting debates, but trying to find the specific content you’re looking for is far more difficult than it should be (so much so that many users have taken to simply Googling their issue and adding the word “Reddit.”) But Reddit’s search can be more accurate and useful, if you know how to unlock its potential. Yes, the Google method does work—especially if you add “” to the begging of your query—but taking advantage of Reddit’s advanced search filters will make your on-site searches more productive, too. The tricks are similar to the ones you can use wit Google to yield better search results, so perhaps a refresher is in order…”

See also via How to Geek – How to Search Reddit More Effectively – Reddit is essentially a fusion of a wide variety of internet resources. It’s like a combination of social media and the BBS/Usenet/forum discussions that used to be prevalent in the early days of the internet (except all fused together into one mega directory). It’s an absolutely massive platform that includes discussion focused on everything from breaking news to incredible niche hobbies. Don’t get us wrong: There is a lot of dumb (and even awful/objectionable) content on Reddit, but there’s also home to a huge amount of helpful user-generated content. From identifying what plants are growing in the flower beds of your new home to figuring out what the obscure error code your 3D printer is throwing out means, there’s a good chance you can use Reddit to do it. In fact, the habit of leaning on Reddit for organic human-driven answers has become so widespread that people have taken to appending their Google search results with the word “reddit” to help filter regular Google search results…”

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