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Recycling electronics: What to do with your old laptops, phones, cameras and batteries

CNET – “Gadgets can pile up over the years — new ones come out, old ones break. You probably have a drawer full of old batteries and cables, and some old phones, laptops and desktops lying around, which may only be growing larger if you’ve replaced any of your electronics over the holidays. Perhaps you keep them for nostalgic reasons (I admit I hung onto my first Nokia block phone to “show my kids one day”), or because you thought you might be able to use them again down the line.  Be brave. Stay focused. Peek into your drawers, the garage or a dark corner of your closet, and you’re sure to find a pile of electronics you really don’t need. Whatever the tech, when it’s finally time to say goodbye, there’s a right way to dispose of your old gadgets — and a lot of wrong ways. I’ll help you out…” [Note – this article has recommendations for disposal of laptops, phones, batteries, chargers and wires, cameras, and TVs. E-waste is a huge global problem. Please recycle as many components as you can. – thank you.]

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