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Public Case Access

“This new Public Case Access site was created as a result of a collaboration between the Harvard Law School Library and Ravel Law. The company supported the library in its work to digitize 40,000 printed volumes of cases, comprised of over forty million pages of court decisions, including original materials from cases that predate the U.S. Constitution. Members of the public now have access to one of the largest collections of published caselaw available online. The site offers robust search and filter functionality [Note – these documents contain redactions. Filters include: Court, Author, Judge, Attorney, Jurisdiction, Reporter, and Timeline] , as well as links to PDF images that resulted from the scanning project. In addition to searching the Public Case Access site, users can also access these material through an API available on this site. Case Collection Disclosure – The Public Case Access contains all US court cases published in official reporters from 1658 to 2018. The collection includes over eight million cases from state courts, federal courts, and territorial courts for American Samoa, Dakota Territory, Guam, Native American Courts, Navajo Nation, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Please note that the Public Case Access collection does not include:

  • Cases not designated as officially published
  • Non-published trial documents such as party filings, orders, and exhibits
  • Parallel versions of cases from regional reporters, unless those cases were designated by a court as official
  • Cases officially published in digital form
  • Copyrighted material such as headnotes, for cases still under copyright..”

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