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Prioritizing People and Planet as the Metrics for Responsible AI

IEEE Standards Association – Prioritizing People and Planet as the Metrics for Responsible AI. Ethically Aligned Design for Business. “You may be aware of the term responsible artificial intelligence (AI). Perhaps you are already using a methodology for your AI design based on European regulations to avoid risk. Or you are working to help ensure algorithms are not biased to avoid unintended consequences. No matter your specific situation, defining how to be responsible with artificial intelligence systems (AIS) is critical for modern technological design. Introduction – In this paper, we will explore the question: What are the metrics of success for Responsible AI? Our primary goal is to provide direction for business readers so they can utilize these metrics—large enterprises as well as small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—while also informing policy makers of the issues these metrics will create for citizens as well as buyers. We recommend that organizations define what responsible means at the outset of design and throughout the entire life cycle of their AIS by being accountable to expanded key performance indicators (KPIs). While common business performance metrics focus on financial indicators primarily, organizations risk causing unintended harm when issues of human well-being or ecological sustainability are not prioritized in their planning.”

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