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Political contributions, enhanced

Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data is Plural: “Political scientist Adam Bonica’s Database on Ideology, Money in Politics, and Elections (DIME) gathers “500 million itemized political contributions made by individuals and organizations to local, state, and federal elections covering from 1979 to 2020.” The project, which received a major update last month, “is intended to make data on campaign finance and elections (1) more centralized and accessible, (2) easier to work with, and (3) more versatile […].” It assigns each contributor a unique identifier, geocodes their stated addresses, quantifies their ideological orientation, and more. The raw data come from several sources, including the Federal Election Commission and OpenSecrets. Related:, a collaborative project that aims to be “America’s most comprehensive dictionary of campaign finance jargon.” [h/t Isadora Borges Monroy]

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