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People Are Streaming Pirated Movies on TikTok, One Short Clip at a Time

WSJ via MSN: “Accounts on the platform are posting episodes of TV shows and full-length films in bite-sized clip hat users can watch in a long continuous string. If you search for “Barbie,” odds are, you’ll be inundated with fan videos and chatter, and won’t see any of the clips. But TikTok’s algorithms might promote a 90-second snippet of the movie on users’ For You pages, with a cryptic title like Part 8. Once users watch a few clips, more and more might turn up. Hollywood lawyers and law professors say these accounts violate copyright laws and infringe on movie and television studios’ intellectual property—which is why names of the movies don’t often appear in the posts. Accounts posting the content rack up hundreds of thousands of followers, comments, likes and views, but don’t appear to make money from the clips, since there are no sponsored posts or other paid promotion. The videos can be as long as 10 minutes, but many are in the two- to three-minute range. TikTok has become a way for many adults in the U.S. to entertain themselves. In total daily minutes used, it has surpassed Instagram, says research firm Insider Intelligence. Its powerful algorithm tells people what to eat, drink, buy and watch. As a way to distribute video, TikTok has become too powerful to ignore. But, with a few experimental exceptions, studios aren’t sharing entire films or shows on it…”

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