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How do we know how many people died of Covid-19?

YouTube: “After four years and dozens of studies, we know everything we’re going to know about the death toll of the Covid pandemic. After four years and dozens of studies, we know everything we’re going to know about the death toll of the Covid pandemic. WELCOME TO HOWTOWN! Our small but mighty team of two… Continue Reading

Open Source LibreChat Offers More Than Just Extra LLMs

The New Stack: “With an interface inspired by ChatGPT, LibreChat offers an “enhanced” ChatGPT clone, an open source alternative with AI model selection as a main feature — while also providing additional features and customization options (including plugins for things like Retrieval-Augmented Generation). On the Practical AI podcast, LibreChat creator Danny Avila said he’s especially… Continue Reading

Visualizing Americans’ Preferred Payment Methods

Visual Capitalist – Charted: America’s Shift to a Cashless Society: “A cashless society is one in which financial transactions are conducted primarily through digital means rather than physical cash, relying on technologies like credit cards and mobile payments. While no country today has fully reached this concept, there are some (like China and South Korea)… Continue Reading

South Carolina poised to impose draconian censorship regime on school libraries

Popular Information: “On Tuesday, the South Carolina State Board of Education will impose a centralized and expansive censorship regime on every K-12 school library in the state. The new regulations could result in the banning of most classic works of literature from South Carolina schools — from The Canterbury Tales to Romeo and Juliet to… Continue Reading

Global warming and heat extremes to enhance inflationary pressures

Kotz, M., Kuik, F., Lis, E. et al. Global warming and heat extremes to enhance inflationary pressures. Commun Earth Environ 5, 116 (2024). – “Climate impacts on economic productivity indicate that climate change may threaten price stability. Here we apply fixed-effects regressions to over 27,000 observations of monthly consumer price indices worldwide to quantify the… Continue Reading

List of Free Adobe Software Alternatives

MakeUseOf: Free Alternative to Illustrator: Inkscape (Free, Open-Source) Free Alternative to Photoshop: GIMP (Free, Open-Source) Free Alternative to Lightroom: RawTherapee (Free, Open-Source) Free Alternative to After Effects: Linearity (Freemium) Free Alternative to Premiere Pro: DaVinci Resolve (Freemium) Free Alternative to InDesign: Scribus (Free, Open-Source) Free Alternative to Adobe Express: Canva (Freemium) Free Alternative to Acrobat:… Continue Reading

First 2 years of Russia’s War on Ukraine Increased Climate Pollution by 175 Million Tonnes

EcoWatch: “In addition to the devastating death toll and widespread destruction of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the ongoing conflict has brought extensive climate damage to the planet. New research reveals that the first 24 months of the Ukraine war had a climate cost greater than the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 175 individual countries, adding… Continue Reading

“Historical Fanfiction.” The Deceptive, Dangerous Simplicity of Originalism in American Politics

LitHub – Madiba K. Dennie on the Antiquated Conservatism Underpinning the United States’ Highest Courts of Law. “Lawyers don’t often admit this in mixed company, but I’ll let you in on a secret about interpreting the Constitution: there is no one objective way to interpret the Constitution. If there were, what would be the point… Continue Reading