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Overruling Risk – Wrongful Discharge Example

Gallagher Blogs – Mary Whisner: Overruling Risk – Wrongful Discharge Example: “The tort of wrongful discharge in violation of public policy is an exception to the general rule that at-will employees can quit or be fired for any reason. Gardner v. Loomis Armored, Inc., 128 Wash. 2d 931, 935 (1996). In Weiss v. Lonnquist, 173 Wash. App. 344 (2013), the Court of Appeals said that a discharged attorney couldn’t claim the tort because she had an effective alternative: filing a bar association complaint about her boss’s allegedly improper conduct. If you’re looking at Weiss v. Lonnquist on Westlaw, you’ll see a new icon, an exclamation point in an orange circle. This is a new feature of KeyCite that alerts you a case that overruled a case your case relies on…”

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