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Now on Craigslist, Facebook: Household items from furloughed workers trying to make ends meet

Washington Post – “…As hundreds of thousands of federal workers brace for their first missed paychecks of the government shutdown this week, some have become immersed in the frantic financial calculus of choosing what they can live without. In the United States, living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common, regardless of profession or location. A recent report from the Federal Reserve revealed how little cushion most Americans have in their budgets: Four in 10 adults say they couldn’t produce $400 in an emergency without sliding into debt or selling something, according to the figures that surveyed households in 2017, a relatively prosperous year for the American economy…Anna Cory, a librarian in Morrisville, N.C., who works as a contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency, is running a “Government shutdown online yard sale” on Facebook, where she’s selling rare books from the 1800s. She held the worn leather volumes in her hands to photograph them, splaying the most beautiful pages to show off sheet music and ornate portraits…”

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