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Next Generation Covid Vaccines Update

PLOS – Absolutely Maybe: “This update is packed with news, with 3 developments standing out in particular. The first is the “major hat” in this post’s title. It’s a new consortium of major scientific groups, along with a major global pharmaceutical company, spanning bases in Israel, the US, and Europe. That’s everything that’s needed for the very heavy – and expensive – lift of running late-stage clinical trials, large-scale manufacturing, and working with regulators that’s needed to get a vaccine on the market. They don’t have a vaccine yet, but the goal is one that can protect not just against Covid-19 and its next variants, but other coronaviruses as well. Another of the trio of developments is related to pancoronavirus vaccine. An American group that’s been working on this since 2021 have reported preclinical results of a “cocktail” approach that resulted in hamsters being protected against not just recent Omicron strains, but 2 bat coronaviruses as well. They sound optimistic about being able to use this approach to develop a broadly protective next-generation vaccine. The third is further along. It’s an intranasal booster vaccine, that’s showing signs of providing mucosal immunity in a phase 1 trial – and the university has formed a company to help develop it. Those highlights and more below, broken down into 3 categories of next-generation Covid vaccines (definitions below)…”

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