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New American Voters Report 2022

This report was written by Tom K. Wong, Associate Professor of Political Science and founding Director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center (USIPC) at the University of California, San Diego; Maya Lu; and Lilly Amirjavad:  “Across the country—especially prominent in the last presidential election—the newAmerican majority has begun to demonstrate its power in numbers. This report analyzes data of a unique subset of the new American majority: recently naturalized citizens, or as they are referred to throughout this report; new American voters. These new citizens were part of a coalition of voters of color who turned out in record numbers and swayed the outcome of the last presidential election. This report analyzes who new American voters are and where they can have the largest potential impact. This multiracial, multi-generational, and majority women group of naturalized citizens represent a potential voting bloc that in 2022 can decide various political outcomes including who controls the U.S. Senate by voting in states like Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida. These potential voters are a substantial but only part of the larger group of new citizens who have naturalized since 2016. By the time of the 2022 midterm elections, they can total an estimated 5.19 million. However, the critical factor for newly naturalized citizens to use this political power and impact is voter registration and turnout. Newly naturalized citizens have lower voter registration and turnout rates than U.S.-born citizens. This means that voter mobilization efforts specifically targeting recently naturalized citizens are necessary. This is why the National Partnership for New Americans, a coalition of 60 immigrant and refugee rights organizations with reach across 40 states, is launching the New American Voters 2022 campaign with its member organizations, national partners, and cities and counties…”

See also Oversight Committee Takes Historic Step to Protect Census Bureau from Politicization: “Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, issued the following statement after the Committee voted favorably to approve her bills, the Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Census Act, following the Committee’s release of a memorandum detailing the Trump Administration’s illegal efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.  The Committee also approved the Chairwoman’s the Justice in Power Plant Permitting Act, the Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Federal Acquisition Act, and the Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest In Federal Acquisition Act, as well as additional good government reforms..”

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