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New AI-powered paint tool helps you create custom colors with your voice

Fast Company – “Speaking in Color, a voice-controlled tool from Sherwin-Williams, uses natural language systems to interpret descriptions of the perfect color.” If an architect wanted to create a building that matched the color of a New York City summer sunset, they’d have to pore over potentially hundreds of color cards designed for industry to get anything close, and still it’d be a tall order to find that exact match. But a new AI-powered, voice-controlled tool from Sherwin-Williams aims to change that. The paint brand recently launched Speaking in Color, a tool that allows users to tell it about certain places, objects, or shades in order to arrive at that perfect color. You start with a broad description like, say, “New York City summer sunset,” and then fine tune from there once it responds with photos and other options with more in-depth preferences like “darker red,” “make it moodier,” or “add a sliver of sun,” until it’s done…”

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