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microCOVID Project

The Delta variant has substantially increased COVID risk, including for vaccinated people. We have adjusted the microCOVID calculator to provide updated numbers. Vaccines still provide substantial protection, but it’s gotten more complicated — read on to learn more about the latest findings, and please consider visiting the calculator to get updated risk numbers for your activities and relationships. What does the Delta variant mean for me? The Delta variant’s increased infectiousness means that COVID cases are surging faster than they used to. We now encourage you to check microCOVID at least weekly or use the risk tracker. You may want to make very different choices from one week to the next about activities like grocery shopping without a mask, dining, attending indoor parties, or going to bars/clubs. We saw the chance of infection from Indoor dining, fully vaccinated with Pfizer increase 7x within one week in Santa Clara County, California! One thing that the Delta variant hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of simple precautions. In particular, shifting activities from indoors to outdoors still reduces your risk 20x as long as you maintain a distance of at least 3 feet. N95 and KN95 masks are still extremely effective when used properly and are now available cheaply online. Still, the Delta variant has affected the consequences of contracting COVID. We’ll discuss the risk of hospitalization, death, long-term symptoms, and of passing the infection to the people around you…”

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