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Map Engine Visually Charts the Legal World

Artificial Lawyer – “A new product, Map Engine, created by Ryan McClead’s Sente Advisors and Nicole Bradick’s Theory and Principle, allows lawyers to quickly visualise multi-jurisdictional data. It’s another example of the growing interest in using visualisation tools in the legal sector. Initially this is focused on using a map of the US, but other areas are planned, including: Canada and Europe, and also a map based around US Federal District courts. As the two legal tech consultancies explained: ‘Map Engine is a tool that allows users to easily upload a spreadsheet containing jurisdictional data and instantly generate a beautiful interactive map visualisation. ‘The user is provided both a link to a unique URL to share the map and a code snippet to embed the map in their websites, blog posts, or client portals. Maps can be secured with a passcode or made available publicly.’ Given how visually-based this all is the one-minute video below is useful…”

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