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Library Fires Have Always Been Tragedies. Just Ask Galen.

JSTOR Daily: “Climate change is predicted to have a suite of affects on people and the environment, from increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to warmer temperatures. But for some species, like poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans), these impacts may actually benefit the survivorship of the plant. As carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises due to climate change, poison ivy could thrive. A study by ecologist Jacqueline E. Mohan and a team of researchers has shown that increasing CO2 has a positive impact on poison ivy. The six-year study, conducted in an experimental research forest and lab in North Carolina, used elevated carbon dioxide levels to mimic climate change. Mohan and her team wanted to see how increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could affect photosynthesis, water use, and the production of urushiol, the oily set of compounds that cause the allergenic reaction from poison ivy…”

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