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Law Firm Newswire Launches Free AI Press Release Writer for Lawyers

May 15, 2023 (Law Firm Newswire via COMTEX) Law Firm Newswire (LFN) has developed an AI press release writer that can help lawyers and law firms write quality press releases. AI learns by example; thus LFN’s engineers used world-class legal journalism, court opinions, and some of LFN’s best-performing press releases as a foundation to create perfect outputs for lawyers. Knowing How to Write for Lawyers Law firm press releases are different than media announcements from other industries. Thus, plugging in a “write a press release for XYZ” prompt into OpenAI’s ChaptGPT or Google Bard alone would result in basic outputs that don’t have the guidance needed to write an accurate press release about legal complexities. When a court authorizes a settlement or a verdict is handed down from a jury, a marketing professional can drop that ruling into the AI writer and make it a press release. This saves a lot of time because the AI press release writer can translate the legal wording of the document into a public-friendly concise news announcement for the law firm. This AI writer can also listen to input to write a better press release. A marketing director or attorney can chat with the writer, telling it to come up with a more compelling title or to include additional case information or information about any lawyers they want to be featured in the press release. With the ability to prompt the AI writer with new information and ask for rewrites, the press release will come out just the way you want it. LFN’s AI writer will allow law firms to send out announcements about lawsuits and settlements instantly. In one test case, one of LFN’s agency accounts took an approved class action settlement document and using the AI writer was able to have the press release to their client for approval within 30 minutes. Lawyers can rely on the AI writer to produce high-quality outputs that accurately represent their news and their successes. Earlier this year, Law Firm Newswire started testing AI models on which to build their writer. The first version which was quietly released with the new platform’s soft launch in April was using OpenAI’s Davinci model. But the new interactive writer is built on ChaptGPT 3.5.”

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