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Knowledge of security risks hasn’t fixed the password problem

Tech Republic – “World password day 2021 [May 6], serving as yet another reminder to use unique passwords, update those that may be compromised and practice good password hygiene. If new data from Onfido is accurate, however, most of us have no plans to do any of those things. Onfido, an identity verification and authentication company, polled several thousand people from the U.S., U.K., France and Germany on a variety of password-related issues and drew what is probably an unsurprising conclusion: “Many consumers find password creation cumbersome, and widespread poor password hygiene could put consumers and the brands they engage with at risk.” Password manager NordPass found that the average internet user has around 100 passwords to remember, which was a 25% increase from before the COVID-19 pandemic. Of those 100 passwords, it’s likely many are being reused, many are easy to guess, and most people would rather do anything other than create a unique, secure password as part of their portfolio of credentials, Onfido found…”

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