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Italian Poetry Translated

  • This website offers translations of Italian poems into English in an interactive format. It’s a work in progress.
  • Poetry is something to recite aloud, in company, enjoying the sound. Meter and rhymes are good things.
  • You really can’t translate poetry, so you should read it in the original language.
  • Well, I would like first of all to hear the poems recited out loud. Then I’d like an easy way to go back and forth between English and Italian without opening a dictionary. Also useful: some context on the choice of vocabulary, and maybe a guide to the most salient technical aspects of the Italian language.
  • Please check the guide to see how all this is implemented.

This project is not only opinionated, but also based on the opinions of someone who hasn’t studied poetry formally since high school (i.e. since about thirty years ago). It is meant neither as an authoritative nor a representative view of Italian poetry: you’ll only find poems that I like, presented emphasizing what I like (and I know, or think I know).

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