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Introducing the Open Library Explorer

Open Library Blog: “At the Library Leaders Forum 2020 (demo), Open Library unveiled the beta for what it’s calling the Explorer: an immersive digital library which powerfully recreates and enhances the experience of navigating a physical library. If the tagline doesn’t grab your attention, wait until you see it in action. Get Ready to ExploreIn this article, we’ll give you a tour of the Open Library Explorer and teach how one may take full advantage of its power features. You’ll also get a crash course on the 100 years of library history which led to its innovation and an opportunity to test-drive it yourself…thanks to the new Open Library Explorer, you can experience the joys of a physical library right in your web browser, as well as leverage superpowers which enabling you to explore in ways which may have previously been impossible…

If you’re pulling up a chair for the first time, the Library Explorer presents you with tall, clickable bookshelves situated across your screen. Each shelf has its own identity that can morph into new classes of books and subject categories with a single click. And that’s only the beginning of what it offers. The Library Explorer is packed with other smart features such as intuitive book filters designed to sort through millions of books at the speed of light! Well, maybe not that fast but it’s pretty fast. In addition to those smart filters, the Library Explorer wants you to steer the ship… not the other way around. In other words, you can personalize single rows of books, expand entire shelves, or construct an entire library-experience that evolves around your exact interests. You can custom tailor your own personal library from the comfort of your device, wherever you may be…”

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