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Incorporating AI-Powered Chatbots into Legal Research Exercises and Assignments

RIPS Law Librarian: Oh No, Another ChatGPT Post: Incorporating AI-Powered Chatbots into Legal Research Exercises and Assignments – Olivia Smith Schlinck – “Since it was launched at the end of November 2022, the discourse around ChatGPT and AI search tools has been unrelenting. What impact will AI-powered chatbots have on education? Will students submit ChatGPT-written essays and homework assignments? Will AI make lawyers obsolete? Look, this chatbot just passed the bar exam! Wait a minute—is this thing. . . sentient? Despite its release barely four months ago, a flurry of scholarship on ChatGPT and legal education has already appeared on SSRN: Jonathan Choi, Kristin Hickman, Amy Monahan, and Daniel Schwarcz’s ChatGPT Goes to Law School (Jan. 25, 2023); Lea Bishop’s A Computer Wrote this Paper: What ChatGPT Means for Education, Research, and Writing (Jan. 26, 2023); Tammy Pettinato Oltz’s ChatGPT, Professor of Law (Feb. 4, 2023); Jennifer Murphy Romig’s The Ethics of ChatGPT: A Legal Writing and Ethics Professor’s Perspective (Feb. 18, 2023); and Joseph Regalia’s ChatGPT and Legal Writing: The Perfect Union? (Feb. 26, 2023), to name a few…”

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