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In Voter Privacy Case EPIC Files for Temporary Restraining Order

Follow up to previous resources included in this posting – Trump’s fraud commission demanded all states deliver personal voter info – Not! – via EPIC:

“The federal District Court in Washington, DC has scheduled a hearing on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 4:00 pm, to consider EPIC’s motion for a Temporary Restraining Order. EPIC is seeking to block the transfer of sensitive voter data to a Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. The case is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-1320 (D.D.C. filed July 3, 2017)…”

“EPIC has filed suit and requested a Temporary Restraining Order to block a demand from a Presidential Commission for millions of state voter records. The Commission has failed to conduct and release a Privacy Impact Assessment, required by Federal law, prior to collecting personal voter data (including SSNs, addresses, dates of birth and other identifying information). The Commission’s demand for detailed voter histories also violates millions of Americans constitutional right to privacy. The Commission had already committed egregious security blunders, including (1) directing state election officials to send voter records to an unsecure web site and (2) proposing to publish partial SSNs that would enable identity theft and financial fraud. The case is EPIC v. Commission, No. 17-1320 (D.D.C. filed July 3, 2017). In an initial hearing reviewing EPIC’s motion for a TRO, the Court ruled that the government must respond by Wednesday, July 5th, at 4PM. EPIC will file a reply on Thursday, July 6th. A ruling is expected by the end of the week. The EPIC lawsuit follows a letter from 50 voting experts and 20 privacy organizations urging state election officials to oppose the Commission’s demand. The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (“PACEI”) was established on May 11, 2017. The stated purpose of the Commission is to “study the registration and voting processes used in Federal Elections” and to issue a report to the President addressing three specific issues. The Commission shall terminate 30 days after it submits its report to the President…”

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