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Iffy Index of Unreliable Sources

“The Iffy Index of Unreliable Sources compiles credibility ratings by Media Bias/Fact Check. MBFC has substantial experience, comprehensiveness, transparency, accountability, and currency in reviewing news sites (details in methodology). Peer-reviewed studies, health/media guides, and mis/disinfo tools all use the Iffy Index. Political leaning is not a factor. The Iffy Index includes only sites that MBFC rates as Low Credibility rating and categorizes as either Conspiracy/Pseudoscience (CP) or Questionable Source/Fake News (FN), listed in the MBFC Cat column of the table below. A credibility rating of Low means the site regularly fails fact checks by IFCN-verified fact checkers. Other columns are the site’s: MBFC Factual rating (linked to the site’s MBFC page), Alexa Traffic Rank, credibility (low: -1.0 to high: 1.0), Wikipedia article (if one exists), and the news outlet’s name linked to fact-checks of its articles. (Version 2.0.1, 2023-01-30 | Changelog | Methodology | Corrections)”

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