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How Will You Know If Your Neighbors Have Gotten the Vaccine?

Lifehacker: “…Experts agree the government is highly unlikely to mandate civilians get a COVID vaccination. So how do we get enough people to take it to functionally end the pandemic? A least 70 percent of the population will likely need get the vaccine before we reach herd immunity, the point at which person-to-person spread becomes unlikely, Ratzan said. In an October study he co-conducted, 71.5 percent of people globally reported they would be “somewhat likely” to take a safe and effective vaccine, along with 75 percent of Americans; in some countries like Russia, the positive response rate was as low as 54 percent. Those numbers are worrying, he said. One of the best ideas to rectify this problem may come from one of the simplest items: the “I voted” sticker. Studies show that applying social pressure that highlights how your neighbors are participating in things like voting, recycling, and blood donations can increase overall participation, said Christopher Larimer, a political science professor at the University of Northern Iowa and an expert in voter participation…”

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