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How to Use Your Browser’s ‘Reader Mode’ to Actually Read What You Click

Lifehacker: “Most of the time, you’re probably skimming the web instead of actually reading it. And that’s okay for quick news updates and browsing social media. But when you’ve opened up a long article that you actually want to read, things start to get difficult. You find your mind wandering, and paying attention to the same page gets harder and harder. Yes, you can save the article to read later in Pocket, but we all know that’s where your reading list goes to die. The endless stimulation of the internet has killed your ability to focus—so what to do? Don’t worry, the “reader” mode in your browsers will give you a fighting chance. These special modes are designed to make the web easier to read. They remove a given website’s formatting, empty space, ads, and all other extra elements to help you concentrate on the text, and some images. Even better, you can customize the text to make your experience as welcoming as possible, so you are that much less likely to click away. Here’s how to use the reader mode in your favorite browser (except for Chrome—but we’ll get to that)….”

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