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How to Use AI to Improve Your Public Speaking

Talking Big Ideas, Bob Ewing: “Building your brand as an effective speaker will help you rise above the noise to differentiate yourself, expand the reach of your ideas, and leverage your impact. AI will help you do this. Humans have long incorporated new tech into our communication. Writing this article with a quill or typewriter instead of a laptop with Google Docs seems inconceivable to me, although at one point both the quill and the typewriter were cutting-edge technology.  Likewise, AI will seamlessly integrate into how we speak – especially when the stakes are high. Many scholars and entrepreneurs I work with are already using AI to improve their talks. Even the president of Israel used Chat to write part of a recent speech. Below are several ways AI can help you get ready for your next talk. This is by no means comprehensive, but rather gives a peek into how AI can already assist with everything from research and writing to practice and iteration…”

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