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How to Tell If Someone Accessed Your Google Account

Lifehacker: “Unless you’ve sworn off Google for good, at least some part of your digital life is likely entwined with the company. Maybe you only have a Gmail account, or maybe you rely on Google for everything from personal photo storage to sharing files at work. Chances are excellent you have some important data connected to your Google Account, which makes it essential that you, and only you, have access to it. Unfortunately, the internet is a treacherous place. Bad actors are constantly trying to break your defenses to steal valuable personal information. Even when you try to avoid phishing schemes and practice good password hygiene, there’s always a risk someone will access to your Google Account, and you need to be able to identify and remove them, pronto. You could wait around for Google to warn you about a new login from a strange device, but if the break-in has already happened, you probably missed the alert. You could check to see if any of your files were recently accessed, or check for read emails you’re sure you didn’t open. But there’s a more reliable method for rooting out an intruder: Google will tell on them for you…”

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