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How to return your mail-in ballot without using the postal service

Popular Information: “There are 44 states that don’t require any reason to vote by mail or allow concerns about COVID-19 as a valid reason. All 44 states provide alternatives to the USPS to return your mail-in ballot. The details of these alternative return methods are listed below. Six states — New York, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas — still require a reason beyond COVID-19 to vote by mail. Those states are not included in this list…” [Please try to use a drop of ballot box or in-person voting if safe to do so. The deadline for USPS delivery has long past – make sure your ballot is counted. Each and every vote will add to the voice of the American people in the determination of our representation – not only for the Presidency, but all the down ballot candidates, and issues, as well.]

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