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How to handle remotely your family’s computer problems

Washington Post – Windows and MacOS come with free tools to make assistance a breeze: “Maybe a friend’s printer is on the fritz. Or your parents are wondering why their computer is running slower than usual. These mundane tech issues happen all the time, and I’d be willing to bet you’ve had to troubleshoot one — or asked someone to help you — at least once. But what happens when the people in your life who need hands-on help live too far away for a drop-in? As it turns out, you may already have access to tools that can help you take control of someone else’s computer and fix those problems from afar. Even better, they’re free, and a lot easier to use than you might think. But, as a famous fictional uncle once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Once the people in your life find out you can fix some of their computer problems from the comfort of your couch, you may soon find yourself up to your eyeballs in tech support requests. Our advice? Use this power wisely, and maybe set some boundaries…”

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