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How to Choose When to Use Google Search or Google Bard

Tech Republic: “Google Bard, at first glance, seems similar to Google Search. Both offer a text input box. Both respond to keyword and natural language queries. Both draw on data from the internet in their responses. But Bard and Google differ in major ways. Google bills Bard as an experiment that “won’t always get it right” in contrast to the long-established Google Search, which seeks to “connect you to the most relevant, helpful information.” Bard supports a string of related queries, so you can ask additional, related questions, unlike Google Search, which responds to each query as a distinct search. To delve into the differences further, explore these TechRepublic articles I wrote about Bard and Google Search strategies. The following tutorial will help you determine whether Bard or Google Search is the tool best suited to serve your needs…”

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