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How to choose a free videoconference app

The Verge: “Most people are currently relying on videoconferencing to keep in touch with work colleagues, family, and friends — and if they’re facing financial difficulties, free is best. While Zoom seems currently to be the most popular videoconferencing app, there are several applications out there that will allow people to meet online for free. We’ve listed here a few of the best known videoconferencing apps, along with a couple of popular text chat apps that include videoconferencing features. It’s worth noting that while most of these already have free versions, some are offering access to additional features for all those who are currently working from home or who want to check up on friends and relatives online. There are a number of apps we have not included, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and FaceTime, that allow you to do video chats; however, they either require that all participants be members (Facebook, WhatsApp) or that you use a specific type of device (FaceTime). The following list includes more generalized applications that should allow you to participate without having to download the app (unless you’re the host). A good idea is to try one or two out for yourself to see how well they fit in with your style, and those of your friends. This list, however, is a good place to start...”

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