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How much internet speed do you really need?

CNET – “Whether you’re moving to a new place or simply shopping around for new options, trying to figure out an internet plan can be more complicated than you might assume. Most plans have you pay for your internet speed and capacity, which prompts the question: How much internet speed do you really need? Most internet service providers usually have a guide on their websites, but guides like those will sometimes try to upsell you on the benefits of faster speeds you might not actually need. The good news is that we’re here to help you understand just how much internet you need to be paying for…”

Additional information from LLRX’s Pete Weiss – “Though useful, this article is just the beginning of a journey that includes:

  1. hardware components including cable modem specs, selection of router/AP specs, end-user (computer) specs, physical cabling and attachment (coax and ethernet quality), configuration parameters of the Wi-Fi (2- or 3-band, power, channel selected, channel width, plus other parameters), PC or device WiFi adapter options (a dozen+ with manufacturer’s recommendations), up to date software drivers, system software, and hardware firmware in all devices.
  2. making sure that what you are paying for is actually what you got from the ISP (may need ISP to “push” configuration to cable modem).
  3. testing the speed from the cable modem (or DSL box)
  4. may require ISP for infrastructure service if signal levels aren’t w/i specs
  5. After all of that, you can trial and error your speed requirements since most ISPs will allow you to upgrade or downgrade (unless you have a contract that doesn’t allow).

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