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How Books Can Address Economic Inequality

Publishers Weekly – “Economists and political activists have been issuing warnings about growing economic inequality, or the widening economic disparity between social groups, in the U.S. for years. Economic inequality includes income inequality and wealth (or ownership) inequality, and its impact can be measured in how social outcomes for people differ based on their race, gender identification, education, health care, geography, and intergenerational wealth. PW talked with a variety of publishers about acquiring and publishing books on economic inequality, what’s in the market now, and plans for the topic going forward. Those who weighed in were Dana Bliss, editor, Oxford University Press; Amanda Cook, v-p and editorial director, Crown; Tara Grove, editor-in-chief, New Press; Hollis Heimbouch, senior v-p and publisher, Harper Business; Sarah Humphreville, editor, Oxford University Press; Steve Piersanti, founder and editor, Berrett-Koehler; Lynne Rienner, president and editorial director, Lynne Rienner; and Glenn Yeffeth, publisher, BenBella…”

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