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How artificial intelligence can support knowledge management in organizations

Real KM: “The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to play a role in supporting knowledge management (KM) activities is attracting considerable interest, with AI identified as one of eight emerging innovative concepts in KM. A newly published paper in the Business Horizons academic journal aims to uncover opportunities for the use of AI in KM. In doing so, paper authors Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, David Askay, Ali Eshraghi, and Preston Smith explore three areas:

  1. The potential role for AI in supporting fundamental dimensions of KM: creation, storage and retrieval, sharing, and application of knowledge.
  2. Practical ways to build the partnership between humans and AI in supporting organizational KM activities.
  3. Implications for the development and management of AI systems based on the components of people, infrastructures, and processes…”

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