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Google’s Cookie Killing Tech Is Now on Almost Every Chrome Browser

Gizmodo: “Google’s Privacy Sandbox, a controversial set of tools and settings meant to replace third-party cookies, is now on almost every single Chrome browser, according to a company blog post published Thursday. Google says Privacy Sandbox is now available to around 97% of Chrome users, and that number will reach 100% in the next few months.  The news comes on the heels of the browser’s 15th anniversary, which Google is celebrating by redesigning Chrome to make it look and feel more closely aligned with the design paradigm of Android and the rest of the Google suite. “This milestone is a significant step on the path towards a fundamentally more private web,” said Anthony Chavez, Vice President of Product Management for Privacy Sandbox, in the blog post. “We introduced the Privacy Sandbox initiative in 2019 to improve privacy across the web (and Android) while continuing to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Since then, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders — including publishers, developers, adtech providers, consumers, and more — to design and develop new solutions that can achieve this goal.” The final step in this process comes in 2024, when Google will disable third-party cookies in Chrome for good, marking the end of their decades-long reign of privacy-violating terror.”

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