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Google Earth’s new Timelapse feature

Google Earth’s new Timelapse feature shows 40 years of climate change in just seconds – “Google Earth latest feature, Timelapse, lets users see how 40 years of climate change have impacted places all over the world.”

  • Google Earth Timelapse “is a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the earth has changed over the past 37 years. Explore Timelapse in 3D using Google Earth. Timelapse is a global, zoomable video that shows how our planet has changed since 1984. Available for the first time in Google Earth, users can now explore the imagery on the 3D globe, giving a whole new perspective to planetary change. Using Earth Engine, we combined more than 15 million satellite images from the past several decades collected by five different satellites. The majority of the images come from Landsat, a joint USGS/NASA Earth observation program that has observed the Earth since the 1970s. Since 2015, we have combined Landsat imagery with imagery from the Sentinel-2 mission, part of the European Union and European Space Agency’s Copernicus Earth observation program. To put the global change in context, we partnered with Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab to show how human impact is changing our forests and waterways, how cities are growing around the world and just how beautiful the delicate ecosystem of our world is.”

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