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Generative AI and libraries: 7 contexts “Libraries are engaging with AI in their educational, service and policy work. This post discusses seven contexts in which that work is taking place. This is the third of four posts on Generative AI:

  1. Generative AI and large language models: background and contexts
  2. Generative AI, scholarly and cultural language models, and the return of content
  3. Generative AI and libraries: 7 contexts
  4. Generative AI and library services: some directions

It is now a year since the momentous appearance of ChatGPT. So much has happened in that time. Whether one measures by new product and feature announcements, business churn (investment, startups), or policy, safety and ethical debate. Usage is increasingly integrated into daily applications. Much of this has become routine, some of it is tedious, and much still has the ability to surprise. Capacities continue to expand. See the recent inclusion of voice and image capabilities into ChatGPT for example, or the introduction of the confusingly named GPTs, which allow you to create and share custom versions of ChatGPT based on your own data (more below and NYT coverage here).,,”

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