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Gen Zers are bookworms but say they’re shunning e-books because of eye strain, digital detoxing, and their love for libraries

Insider: “There’s no doubt that Gen Z loves to read.  This generation, defined as people born between 1997 and 2015, is often considered phone-obsessed and addicted to technology. But when it comes to reading, Gen Zers say they prefer to pick up a printed book over an e-book. Book sales in the US and the UK have boomed in the past two years, the management consultancy McKinsey found. Sales in the US hit a record of more than 843 million units in 2021, while last year had the second-highest number sales, at almost 789 million. This increasing popularity was partly because of Gen Z and its social-media trends, including the hashtag #BookTok on TikTok, McKinsey said. Perhaps the most surprising trend is not Gen Zers’ love of books but the way they consume them. While their pastimes usually involve a screen, data and interviews with Insider suggest this doesn’t apply to books. They’re choosing to ditch digital formats and opt for the timeless paperback book.”

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