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#FReadom Fighters

  • Axios – “Librarians are using the hashtag #FReadom to fight book bans.”
  • #FReadom Fighters: How we started: On November 4, 2021 a group of librarian #FReadom fighters organized a twitter takeover of the #Txlege. We highlighted positive books and invited families, authors, librarians, teens, and parents to join. We shared this Information
  • Where we are going: We are continuing actions to highlight the positive work of librarians, to speak up, and to provide resources for librarians, teachers or authors facing book challenges. We invite you to join us, check out resources on our website, and follow along on hashtag #FReadom.
  • Background: Representative Krause, Chairman of the Texas House Committee on General Investigating, sent a letter to unnamed Texas school districts that has Incited a war on books. A war on knowledge. A war on access to information, a constitutionally protected first amendment right. Censorship from parents, community members, or politicians on information FOR ALL is still censorship…”

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