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Fact-checking isn’t enough. We need fact-crusading.

Stop The Presses, Mark Jacob: “As the right wing keeps pushing disinformation, journalists keep fact-checking. They dissect quotes. They consult experts. They cite statistics. But it’s not enough. We need fact-crusading, not just fact-checking. Yes, fact-crusading. News media must hold the facts in such high regard that the enemies of truth become their adversaries – to be called out and confronted, not just corrected. Journalists’ job is to give people information that helps them navigate their lives. Liars sabotage what journalists do, and journalists ought to be offended. If you were a barista and someone slipped toxic sludge into your coffee drinks, you wouldn’t just warn your customers that their drink had sludge in it. You’d try to keep the sludge out of the drink. Fighting against disinformation – instead of just cleaning up after it – is an activist role that some journalists shy away from. But it’s desperately needed. We’re in a crisis that threatens to destroy the concept of shared facts – and therefore our ability to maintain a democracy…”

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