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Employment Impacts in a Decarbonized Economy

Employment Impacts in a Decarbonized Economy. Decarb America Research Initiative. Key Takeaways. June 6, 2022 – “The Decarb America Research Initiative analyzes a suite of policy and technology pathways for the United States to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Our work objectives are twofold: to improve understanding of the tradeoffs between different proposed strategies for achieving net-zero; and to identify the national, regional, and state-level economic opportunities that a new clean energy economy will generate. Our analytical results are intended to inform policymakers as they consider options for addressing climate change and modernizing America’s energy systems. To develop these results, Decarb America commissioned Evolved Energy Research and Industrial Economics, Inc. to conduct a rigorous, multi-part modeling analysis (more information is available at About the Initiative). The analysis explores five main research topics: (1) Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions, (2) Energy Infrastructure Needs for a Net-Zero Economy, (3) Power Sector Deep Dive, (4) Clean Energy Innovation Breakthroughs, and (5) Employment Impacts in a Decarbonized Economy. This report presents key takeaways on topic (5) from the modeling analysis and responds to three critical questions that can help guide policy decisions:

  1. Will economy-wide deep decarbonization lead to a net increase in employment?
  2. What sectors face the greatest opportunities for job growth?
  3. How will job opportunities change over the coming decades?…”

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