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Don’t get hacked on Facebook. Do these 6 things now.

Washington Post: “Everyone is a potential target for hackers on Facebook. Even you. Grandparents who only post the occasional photos, people checking in on their neighborhood groups, and Gen Zers who think they can spot a scam a mile away are all vulnerable. We know because it is overwhelmingly the biggest problem we hear about at Help Desk: My Facebook account was hacked, how do I get back in? Since it’s a million times easier to prevent a Facebook hack than it is to fix one after the fact, take these simple actions now to avoid pain in the future…If you’ve used it to store photos of over the years, you can transfer those albums directly to other services so you have copies. Go to Settings & privacy → Settings → Your Facebook information → Transfer a copy of your information. Select View and pick what service you’d like to use. Small business owners should make sure they have an additional internet presence besides their Facebook page, like a Google business profile. If your account is compromised, you’ll want to start here to try to get it back…”

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